This Christmas


This Christmas I got a few gifts that help to display how diverse and strange of a person I really am. From my parents I received a Henry Lever Action 22LR (Golden Boy) and a check written to a dance studio in Anchorage so that I can take ballet classes next semester, even though the ballet class I wanted to take at UAA didn’t fit into my school schedule.

From my boyfriend’s mom, I received two packages of uniquely flavored Tums ® and some fancy skin lotion (along with some other very nice and thoughtful things).

So, I got a gun (and some coveted 22 ammo), dance lessons, Tums ®, and skin lotion. That may seem strange, but it actually provides a unique insight into my life. First off, my body is a sissy, but that doesn’t stop me from running around barefoot and doing many activities that cause my skin to dry out and get all gross (the lotion from Kelly); second my body is still a sissy, but that doesn’t stop me from eating a lot of food all the time that almost always upsets my sissy stomach (the Tums ® from Kelly); third thing, I am some strange kind of mixture of a southerner and an Alaskan. This means that a love of guns is somewhere in my veins, and I love to drive down to the shooting range and shoot at my zombie themed targets.

On a side note I got a really warm blanket.

That is all.